Wed, 29 Jan 2020

Laguna Triumph Top Winter Maintenance Tips!

Our Top Winter Maintenance Tips


Whether your new to two wheels or a long-time motorcycle veteran, it’s never too late to learn the basics of maintaining your motorcycle – especially during the winter months! Here, we share our two top tips with you that will help to avoid any corrosion-induced disasters.


TIP 1: Chain maintenance is a must!

One of the easiest maintenance tasks that you can do yourself is maintaining your chain. As well as protecting again corrosion, it can also provide a smoother and quieter ride. Your personal riding style, weather conditions and load can all determine how often you should maintain your chain – as a general guide, it’s a good idea to check the chain every 300-600 miles for signs of wear, correct level of tension, and sufficient lubrication.

What is Motul?

Motul Chain Clean is a chain cleaner with a non-chlorine formula and an extremely powerful degreasing agent which removes crusted residues. It works on all types of motorcycle chains to help remove various build-up. Having a dry and clean chain is ideal for putting on chain lube later. Over time, oil, dust, and work materials will blog together and form pasty clumps on your chain – these can be abrasive, increasing wear and generally shortening the service life of the entire chain kit! That’s where Motul comes in!

How to use Motul?

To begin, place the motorcycle on the main stand. Your motorcycle should be turned off. You can use an assembly stand if your motorcycle only has a side stand. As a precaution before you begin, cover your rear disc brake to prevent lube from getting on it, especially if this is your first time. A simple cardboard box will work. To apply the chain clean, you will need to turn your rear wheel to rotate the chain. If your motorcycle is on its side stand, wheel turning aids are available, consult your local shop for a recommendation. To avoid any stains and to protect the environment, you may want to place an oil pan or large piece of cardboard underneath the chain before you begin.

Once you’re ready to start, turn the rear wheel with your hand to set the chain in motion. Spray the links of the chain on all sides with Motul Chain Clean. Keep spraying and turning the rear wheel until all the links are covered with the chain cleaner. After spraying, leave the cleaner to soak in briefly, then take a chain grunge brush (an old toothbrush can also work) and gently clean the links on all sides. Don’t use a brush made of steel wire or similar material because it could damage the ring seal between the link, causing grease to leak. After brushing away most of the dirt and grime, take a lint-free cloth and wipe the chain with it. If there are still additional grime at specific points, repeat the process and target the affected areas. Make sure the chain is completely dry before you begin applying chain lube.


TIP 2: ACF-50 is King!


Firstly, what is ACF-50?

Simply, when used correctly, Anti-Corrosion Formula is an ‘active’ ultra-thin, clear film that kills any existing corrosion cells and will protect your motorcycle against any new corrosion forming. And the best thing? One application can last up to 12 months (on areas such as switches, or under the tank and seat)! Much more exposed areas may need treating more regularly throughout the year for best results.

If you’re a committed ‘winter warrior’ and ride all year round, ACF-50 acts as an excellent lubricant and penetrant (without loosening any structural attachments) – it’s even approved for use on electrics and engines! If you’re a fair-weather rider and your bike goes into hibernation during the winter months, applying ACF-50 will prevent any moisture induced damage. The treatment will actively eject any moisture that has edged into any crevices – moisture trapped in these gaps wouldn’t be able to freely evaporate on its own and will thereby trigger the corrosion process!

How to ACF-50?

Most importantly, make sure your motorcycle is well cleaned! The treatment is most effective when used on dirt, mud and salt-free areas. Secondly, it is important to remember that a little ACF-50 goes a long way! So, keep a rag handy to soak up any excess – you can also use the rag to help spread the product.

Use ACF-50 anywhere – except the brakes! If used on the exhaust, you will notice smoke on the first start up post-treatment – the treatment will begin to burn off the down pipes, but it will still slow the corrosion process. With a no-water formula, you can spray directly into the electrical joints and components – this will prevent any corrosion induced failures.

Returned from a winter ride with your bike covered in salt and dirt? No problem! A quick wash off and the dirt is gone, whilst the bike remains protected against corrosion. As we’ve mentioned, one treatment can last up to 12 months! You can tell if the treatment is still ‘active’ as water will bead on contact – you can then re-treat, as required.

Expertly treating your motorcycle with ACF-50 is a service we offer, here at Laguna Triumph. Speak to one of our team to find out more.

Fun fact: Did you know that ACF-50 was originally produced to protect aircrafts from existing and new corrosion? Which means that it has been tested to meet incredible high standards and is even used by the US Navy on the jets on their aircraft carriers!


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