Tue, 21 Jul 2020

Searching for convenient, affordable transport?! Read on!!

The Suzuki Address 110 is a mid-range scooter which is incredibly agile and manageable with as much power as many 125cc models. It is slightly smaller than its competitors, weighing in at just 100kg and has very useful storage under the seat which has enough room for a helmet and small bag. The CVT ‘twist and go’ automatic transmission makes this bike very easy to ride. Speed is easy to control - as is weaving in and out of traffic for those using the bike to commute during rush hour! It is a fuss-free, affordable, fun and convenient way to travel. For those of you who enjoy a campervan holiday, this lightweight bike is also the perfect mode of transport that loads easily onto the back of the van so you can get out and about to explore while the van is parked up.

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