Thu, 06 Feb 2020

Winter Maintenance Tip

Save your ‘dead’ battery!


Imagine, it’s the weekend, the sun is shining and it’s unusually warm for this time of year. You’ve got your kit on, wheeled your bike out of the garage – only to be met with sheer disappointment and a completely flat battery. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Whether you ride all-year round or store your bike during the winter months, freezing temperatures (and lack of usage) is hard on a battery, so winter maintenance is important.

You may have noticed that the cold weather conditions greatly affect your motorcycle battery in a negative way – that’s where the award-winning OptiMate 4 comes in.

This model can revive some dead batteries, as well as maintain healthy ones. Firstly, it performs a test to check the condition of the battery, as well as make sure everything’s connected correctly. If it’s sulphated or severely discharged, the recovery mode uses 16V or up to 22V, before a low-voltage pulse puts the pack into a chargeable state.

Once the battery is ready to be charged, 1A is delivered until it reaches 14.3V, before a pulsed current gets the cells to full charge.

The OptiMate then checks the battery with a series of tests for half an hour – ensuring a charge can be held – before charging at 13.6V for 30mins. After that, it’s a constant test/charge cycle that can be left on as long as you need. Plug in it and forget about it. The lights on the display panel will tell you what the charger is doing in terms of cycle, what the health of your battery is and what current the OptiMate 4 is sending to the battery.

It’s a simple, safe and convenient process that will keep your battery fully functioning and ready for your next ride, no matter what time of year is it.

The OptiMate 4 is available in-store for £59.99. Pop in today and visit our parts & service counter to secure yours!



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