New Suzuki GSX-S950: The A2 Licence Angel

POSTED: 07/10/2021

Suzuki GSX-S950 the A2 Licence Angel

As you may know in the UK and Europe, there are subcategories of licences that allow you to ride certain engine capacity motorcycles. Manufacturers and motorcycle brands have had to adjust their models to fit UK/European standards in order not to lose the market. Suzuki has announced a 2022 model GSX-S950, which will be a lower-spec version of the highly desired GSX-S1000 high-performance naked sports bike.
Naturally, the bike will hold a peak power of 70kW, however once restricted it will be at the perfect top end of the bracket for A2 Licence holders (35kW). Carrying a modern style, range of technology, usable torque, fun and enjoyable ride the GSX-S950 will be perfect for most new riders looking for a brand-new motorcycle. The four-stroke liquid-cooled inline-four engine combines winning superbike DNA with a street-tuned engine.
From the ground up
This new model includes cast aluminium wheels featuring a sporty good looking yet lightweight structure six-spoke design. Wheels fitted to Dunlop’s latest SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 radial tyres, benefiting from an upgraded internal structure custom engineered for optimal performance on the GSX-S950. Not only incorporating an optimised tread pattern, but they also enhance positive grip in wet conditions which warm up faster and wear better.
Stop right there!
The GSX-S950 features high spec radial-mount Tokico monobloc calipers, which each have four opposed 30mm pistons acting on a 310mm floating-mount disc for ultimate stopping power. Fantastic stopping hardware to give the rider confidence and freedom to enjoy the GSX-S950 engine entirely.


Lighter than a feather
The chassis features a compact, lightweight package making the GSX-S950 agile and versatile that is predictable to handle – at only 214KG. The twin-spare aluminium frame supports the rider, delivering easy handling and fantastic road holding capabilities. Whilst its main tubes are ideal for achieving high rigidity and low weight. All components connect to a braced aluminium swingarm that further promotes great road-gripping character.
Available soon in three colours, Pearl Brilliant White, Metallic Triton Blue & Metallic Matt Black No.2, the GSX-S950 is, without doubt, a head-turner!


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