Suzuki GSX-8S Reviews

POSTED: 31/05/2023

The 2023 Suzuki GSX-8S

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There's got to be some solid reasons for MCN to give the Suzuki GSX-8S a 5-star 'Owner's Reliability Rating'. This bike is such a big deal for Suzuki because they're entering a competitive market with their first brand new 'big bike' since the SV650 in 1999.

With the same engine as the V-Strom, what else does it fit into its smaller body?

Scroll down for a collection of reviews from moto vloggers who all have a lot to say about this bike...


"It's a bike you don't have to go mental on to be entertained by!"


"I think this is gonna punch into the higher end of its class! It's a peach of an engine..."

Prefer a good read?


"It's a more balanced, considered package with no significant criticisms – everything from comfort to suspension performance contributes to an overall feeling of harmony..."


"This bike is well positioned as a street commuter, it’s easy to ride in busy towns with nimble character, a really light clutch with good gearing, and comfy enough to ride for long stints."


"Regardless of where you ride the 2023 Suzuki GSX-8S, the motor is the star of the show." "Unlike some twins, the 8S pulls to the redline, refusing to flatten out."

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