Suzuki: New 125cc Scooters Announced

POSTED: 27/07/2022

Here come the scooters!

Suzuki has just announced two all-new exciting scooters joining the line-up for late 2022. These two fine little whippers will be called the Avenis 125 and the Address 125 - estimated to be in dealerships from October 2022. Both scooters offering fantastic value for money at an approachable price tag will come with bundles of features.

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The all-new Suzuki Avenis and Address 125
The all-new Suzuki Address125

Address 125

The new Address 125 receives a rounded headlight, plush retro flair seat, and new chrome-plated accents. Dripping with style and excellent design, the Address also features a whopping 148.6mpg fuel efficiency ready to take you everywhere and anywhere you desire. 

The new 124cc single-cylinder engine is efficient and economical thanks to Suzuki's Eco Performance (SERP) technology which optimises and balances fuel economy and performance. The engine delivers a powerful 10Nm at 5,500rpm with a peak power of 8.7PS at 6,750rpm - meaning you'll have more than enough speed and power for any city riding.

The all-new Suzuki Avenis 125

Avenis 125

The all-new Avenis 125 further expands the scooter range and provides a sportier offering. Wrapping around the same punchy-yet-efficient single-cylinder engine is sharp and edgy styling, tailored more to the modern-day rider. Slightly longer, wider and taller than the Address, the Avenis stands out from the crowd with its striking road presence, LED lighting and two-tone graphics.

With this scooter, you'll receive a full LCD display, under-seat storage and a Suzuki Eco Drive Indicator which helps the rider get maximum efficiency from the engine.

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