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The Japanese-based motorcycle brand has built some of the world's most rousing and popular bikes on the market. Having built their first motorised car in 1952 and motorised bike in 1955, they have gone from strength to strength and are considered one of the most reliable brands for solid build quality and affordability. Their all-star design team also features expertise from retired motorcycle racers.

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Every new Suzuki bike comes with...

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The Suzuki Range

Suzuki’s diverse range of motorcycles and the engineers behind them strive to pack each and every bike full of superior quality technology, while maintaining optimal performance and keeping them at more affordable prices to make them more accessible. Their four categories include...


Suzuki Adventure Bike Category

Starting from £8,155*

Initially launched in 2002, the V-Strom is Suzuki's superior cross-country adventure beast. Available in 650cc or 1050cc versions, the accessories catalogue showcases everything you need for epic adventures.


Suzuki Sport Bike Category

Starting from £4,776*

Their top-of-the-line sport models entice all speed demons. This category speaks for itself, with names like the Hayabusa, the sought-after GSX-R125, and the bike on everyone's lips right now... the GSX-S1000GT.


Suzuki Street Bike Category

Starting from £7,155*

The street category is home to some of Suzuki's most recognised and much loved models, including the Katana, the GSX-S range and the SV650, which is one of the best-selling and most popular models to date.


Suzuki Scooter Category

Starting from £7,101*

Suzuki scooters offer practical premium solutions for commuting and city riding. The Burgman 400, for example, boasts excellent fuel economy at 70.62 miles per gallon, and 62 litres of under-seat storage.

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A little Suzuki history...


Suzuki founder, Michio Suzuki, directed the company towards building industrial looms for the fast-growing Japanese silk industry.


Suzuki took their expertise to create clip-on motors for bicycles, which led to the manufacturing of their very first bike in 1955, the 125cc Colleda COX.


The success of the Colleda meant the company went forward and changed its name to the Suzuki Motor Company. See the timeline of Suzuki's motorcycles.


The Red Suzuki 'S' is born.


Ernst Degner designed Suzuki's 50cc and 125cc racing machines and became Suzuki's first World Champion, taking the crown in the 50cc class.

1976 & 1977

The British legend, Barry Sheene, took the Dutch TT Championship for Suzuki in 1976 with five superb victories, and again in the 1977 season with six.


Joan Mir took the Riders’ World Championship in style for Suzuki after a 20-year wait. What a way to mark the 100th anniversary of the Suzuki Motor Company! It also marked the 60th anniversary of the beginning of their racing career.

*'Starting from' prices represent the Suzuki V-Strom 650 (£8,155), Suzuki GSX-R125 (£4,776), Suzuki SV650 (£7,155), and the Suzuki Burgman 400 (£7,101).

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