Nothing Comes Close: Hayabusa

POSTED: 14/03/2022

Breaking the sound barrier...

The Suzuki Hayabusa name echos through the legends of engineering excellence. This absolute beast, translated from Japanese means Peregrine Falcon - a falcon known best for its unbelievable 242mph verticle dive.

The Hayabusa was and continues to be famed for its huge abundant power, agility and majestic aesthetics - all qualities Suzuki have developed within the latest model.

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Creating the Gen3

Inheriting the legacy

Once creating an entire bike category in 1999, Suzuki revisit their past in order to produce a new Hayabusa future. With some of the highest torque and horsepower than ever before, a road performance focus has been crafted at an aggressive scale. Are you ready to take a dive into speed?

Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: The tail
Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: The cockpit
Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: The icon

A truly immaculate core

Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: The frame and core

In the very core of the amazing chassis, is the Hayabusa's aluminium frame and swingarm. Although more costly, this set-up provides better suppleness, strength and durability whilst offering top-of-the-line balance at high speeds of 186mph.

The latest from Brembo

Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: The brakes Brembo

This Hayabusa uses Brembo's latest Stylema front brake calipers, offering the lightest, compact, and most specific design for use on high-performance motorcycles - with increased airflow for brake pads and brake response.

Spaceship like comfort

Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: The comofrt ergonomics

Various comfort improvements have been made to the Hayabusa, including the relocation of handlebars which are now 12mm closer to the rider. Suzuki have included riding modes, (Action, Basic & Comfort), as well as three user-defined modes. 

Astonishing aerodynamics

Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: The aerodynamics

Performance within aerodynamics is critically important to a machine capable of reaching a top speed of 186mph. Extensive tunnel testing, scanning and simulation testing has been taken to ensure maxmium potential and wind-cutting missile-like performance.


'A magic recipe, suspension upgrades deliver a deliciously supple ride and the engine's extra grunt makes you forget everything. One of a kind creation that remains the epitome of effortless speed.'


'Magic carpet ride with an incredible punch. Brakes are up a step (or two) from previous generations. What else can you ask for, a dyno test I ran showed 178 PS at the rear wheel stock.'

Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: Top Speed Fast
Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 3: Side Profile White

*Please note this visual is the Gen3 with the Performance package.

The Performance package contains Slip-on Akrapovic Mufflers (pair), Single Seat Cowling, Billet Brake Lever, Billet Clutch Lever, Coloured Seat and Tank Pad. 

Speed, elegance & comfort

Styling that will blow your mind, attention to detail so fine it will surprise you and performance for decades unmatched.

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